Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bird Breath

I just loved this photo when I saw it. I could of came up with a ton comments
to say but stuck with just one.

"Morning bird breath"

photo by Robert Bukaty

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This can't be it!

Today was good at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Great conversations with Lilly and Rob. Yeah. Really refreshing.

I just am consistently battle with my life or with American life style.

"this can't be it!"

"how can so many people be so acceptable to living like this?"

No answers.. just comments and a considerable amount of thoughts.
It was good to hear people are still active and poundering what to do.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

this pencil has eyes

Saturday I went to the gathering for watching Art:21, where a few artist shared there thoughts about the few artist shown (Ann Hamilton, Roni Horn, and Richard Truttle). I really enjoyed the insights and questions that came up. I am more of a visual artist and tend examine details of artwork by looking at what kind of resources might have been used a lot more lately and came away from about the message the artist has developed. Saturday's gathering kind of brought me back to that state of mind of where art can be more than just a picture or object. I was inspired to try to be more aware of the story of the artist. I recognize that a lot of artist are devoted to art are very unique. I struggle with relating to some because I am not living for art and being art as I tend to view a real artist. I have days that I questions my own artistic abilities.
I am wanting to learn more about local artist and there own views. I am finding a few in the Cincinnati area I can probably write too and ask them questions, but find I should do my own research before asking anything. I think by talking to other artist I might understand myself as an artist better, and probably help shape me as an artist. This might be hard for me to do as I just tend to just build and make art more that learn more about creators and developers. I see a lot of artist as developers so I can remind myself that we are all potential artist. Maybe I am just not serious enough about art really. Maybe that is my real problem. But I think sometimes it is silly to put a crown on anyone head for something that shouldn't be graded. I like to make art because it's fun. But I am dabbing around with other materials and techniques so I can have a lot larger palette to make a bigger playground.
But it wouldn't hurt to discover artist to know what is surrounding me.