Thursday, May 28, 2009

Art: Altered Bee

This is my third altered art piece.
A monument of a bee. I am allergic to bees actually, it might even frighten me if I kept this on my wall.

This is for sale if anyone is interested.
Sale price- $45

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spreading the news about Studio-E

I really think today went very well with the Norwood High School Classes.

Today I met up with Laura to help promote Studio-e and the summer program for Drawing Stories. A lot of the talking was done by Laura, but I helped to present to the class some exercises for drawing Caricatures. Last night I went through my reference binder and drew a few people. It took about 12 drawings before it started getting back to me. I brought my favorite sketches I did last night to use as examples for the students.
The hard part really was some of the students not really interested in what Laura was talking about. But I had the easy job. I got to show off two of my recent sketch books that I color in with markers. The students loved them! I was really glad that it grabbed there attention to give them an idea of some skills set in place to see. I really need to get my teaching skills up. It is very intimidating to me though. I shouldn't be since they are like 12-18. But still find it hard to find the will to be completely confident at what I am saying and doing. But I really do think I do pretty well. So I am patting myself on the back for a first try with teaching in front of a class. I need to keep practicing on getting full attention from groups. That's what I really don't like. Less than 4 people I am ok, but 5-12 it gets really hard.

I am excited about the class going on for Studio-E this Summer, it will be really rewarding for me to have this experience and hopefully learn to challenge myself to taking on more teaching and mentoring roles.
It's going to take maybe a few more times to get my full confidence up though.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Art: Not Puffy

Dragon done in marker and pen. Was completed on June 18th.

By me Brennan Bradford 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Add my own words here

I am so lonely.

photo by unknown

Friday, May 15, 2009

Art Work Alive

I am looking. I looked this week and wrote down possiblities. I need exposure. That's what I mostly need. I also need a plan. A plan to say what is my goal, amount need to sell, material cost and where to take my art too. So, I am thinking about it. I just need to live it. I have looked at local artist blogs and they all seem to have a popular idea. "Live Art".
Not sure what that means right now, but I might find out. Some or maybe a lot of people say, "artist are so freaking crazy" I guess it's true. But I just think artist are better dreamers and have better ideas. That doesn't make them crazy does it? Ideas aren't crazy.
So I have 2,129 ideas written on paper. I better start making them come alive.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Art Journal: Mess

A couple pages from my art journal.

Titles- Mess.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I had a good time today at Norwood High School. Went to the High School's Art Fair and hung out with Laura and Lauren at the table for to represent St. E studio. We made Origami with a lot of the kids that walked with there parents. The kids had a lot of fun making hopping frogs, boxes, tulips and flipping birds. I think it was a great turn out. I think Laura got like 6 students including parents sign up for the St. Elizabeth's Art Foundation email news letter. I am excited to be a part of all happenings with Laura and St. E studio. I have high hopes that a lot of the students from the high school will show up to hang out, draw, paint and make art there. It's something I have been needing for years. I know it's not really about what I want, but I think it will be a great place for them just as much as it will be for me. Making art is something I feel that is a great way to connect with people. There is something comforting about making art with other people around to discuss life problems, and even inspiring ideas.
I am hoping the high school students that looked at my sketch books really do come to the Open Studio. With that said I am looking forward to this summer.