Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ready. Set! Go!

Things are pretty much ready for Fabricate show in August. I finished my altered assemblage found object pieces.
I have a few more prints to have made. But other than that I think I am set. I believe a lot of people will be satisfied with what I have. I am going to show some old pieces as well. I figure there will be a lot of folks who never seen my work before, so it will make sense to reshow them. I am not really concern about selling my work. I will just be happy with being on display there. I should get the post cards to give to folks and to have sent out soon.
This is a great opportunity for me. A lot of the shows I have been to at Fabricate have produced a lot of amazing things. Which has drawn a lot of crowds. If you are not on facebook and want to get a reminder, feel free to email me at

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dr. Sketchy July Clown Session

Dr. Sketchy Cincinnati for July had models pose as clowns. I really liked the outfits and the props they used.
Here are a couple sketches I did in a sketchbook I got last year for my birthday and a few photos I took.
If you want to know more about Dr. Sketchy Cincinnati, feel free to email me or google Dr. Sketchy Cincinnati.
They meet every second Thursday of each month.