Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Exciting times

Today I will be at Studio E teaching about "Drawing Stories"- which is a week series teaching about the developement that goes into comics, animation and illustrated books. I am very very excited to get to show what I have learned and get to share a lot of that knowledge that made me become so interested in comics and animation in the first place.

At the same time I am preparing for an art show in July. I am working on a few new pieces that I had planned out for a long time, that I never got around to. So I will be working on those as well. Some which go along with the new altered art series that I have been posting. So keep checking for new updates.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Art from the past

Here are a few pieces I have done in the past from like 2006-2008. Some which were given to friends as gifts.
an some I still have lying around somewhere.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teaching in Studio E

I will be teaching at Studio E in Norwood along with Lauren Rasmussen on a class called "Drawing Stories"

Here is more info.

A Week-long Series on the Art of Character Design, Comics and Animation Open to anyone, ages 10-18 (no prior experience required) Cost: $10 (for materials)

Learn how to begin illustrating your own comic strip, game design, or animated film using basic cartooning and story boarding techniques. Instructors Brennan Bradford and Lauren Rasmussen will introduce you to the style of the masters (Marvel, Disney, Studio Ghibli), then help you develop your own. Contact us by June 19 to register.

STUDIO E (1758 Lincoln Ave, 45212)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art Journal Mountain

I spend a lot of time creating. I have a lot of sketch books to prove it.
I also do some creative journaling and collaging in them. Take a look :-)

Monday, June 8, 2009

I see images in my head

I close my eyes and see it. I can see an image. I can see it in my head. Did I just imagine it?
I can see art, dream art. I can feel art coming. Images and images. They just appear.
It's like unconsciousness. I just blink for a second and another hundred images appear.
Like I didn't go any where to see all it to appear. I just see it.
I can see art, images and designs and movements just like sparks of fire or flashing bolts.
I don't know what causes it. When I even make something, sometimes I just don't know where it is coming from.
I sometimes don't know if it's my hand, my arm, my own finger tips. They just flow and move around.
I see the art, I see the images, I see it and my arm and hand just make it.
The images are still in my head. Just now another!
I see art images.
I see images in my head.
I must make. I must make art!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Art: Skull Shot

This is my Forth altered art piece.
Skulls, bullets and nails make up this piece. I thought I would make something more dark and horrifying-like.
These pieces are applied onto tiles, have a wall hanging clip on the back so they may be displayed on your wall.

This is for sale if anyone is interested.
Sale price- $50

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting my act together

I am trying to get myself together to place it in my mind that "I am an artist".
So, I am getting that going and working on a few things. Selling myself is one of the first things on my agenda. So what I am going to do is use this blog as a means to sell and brag about myself. I am not really good at it at all. But with lots of practice I can turn my act around and become a great marketer.

I will get an illustrating-artist business card together soon as well.

So here it goes.

My skills in art are...
-Mixed Media
-Altered Art
-Character development
-Basic Airbrushing
-Hand drawing
-Paper making
-Poster design
-Face painting

I have really high tuned drawing abilities and amazing color design knowledge. I have been consistently told how amazing my work is and have impressed many and have been asked to sell my work from a audience.

I have designed one mural so far, but looking to provide more designs in the future.
I have helped with a number of murals in the Cincinnati area.

I am one of the host for Art at the Outlet at the City Gospel Mission. Serving homeless people to provide them a creative outlet. I have been part of the team for 3 years going on 4.

I also have done face painting for 8 block parties/business parties and was given a great approval rating.

I have volunteered for 3 years of my time to Cincinnati Art Festival with the youth arts.

My goals are to submit my art to magazines, galleries, advertisement companies, and to show case my art in cafe and bars.

I am beginning to believe with my original style, fluid flow and skilled abilities I can transform an audience and show what kind of artist I really am.

If anyone else would like to comment and give me thoughts about what you would like to see come out of my art. Please feel free to share.

Look forward to hearing and meeting you all.