Monday, June 8, 2009

I see images in my head

I close my eyes and see it. I can see an image. I can see it in my head. Did I just imagine it?
I can see art, dream art. I can feel art coming. Images and images. They just appear.
It's like unconsciousness. I just blink for a second and another hundred images appear.
Like I didn't go any where to see all it to appear. I just see it.
I can see art, images and designs and movements just like sparks of fire or flashing bolts.
I don't know what causes it. When I even make something, sometimes I just don't know where it is coming from.
I sometimes don't know if it's my hand, my arm, my own finger tips. They just flow and move around.
I see the art, I see the images, I see it and my arm and hand just make it.
The images are still in my head. Just now another!
I see art images.
I see images in my head.
I must make. I must make art!

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