Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year 2008

Out with the old in with the new. Year that is. I had an enjoying year for 2007. Got to do a bit of everything. I didn't really accomplish much but the experience and fun was a enough to satisfy me. I have been reinviting myself, so to speak. My art, my way of eating, my daily routines have changed. Even last year I started listening more to life, people and media. For years I ignored a lot of that. But I am more and more interested about the whys and why not. I have been most my life. But I never felt like I was ever getting answers from anyone. So, I believe that is what 2008 will be one of my goals. Answers.

It is interesting that with the group doing the art with the Outlet decided the next project would be focused on "Questions". Which was interesting that Dyah has brought that up since I am trying to find more answers. So, it apears that listening and asking will be something to try out more. I am worried about the things to come. There is a sense or a hint of trouble lurking in the wind. I never like when my instincts talk to me. Especially when a lot of
times they have been right. So, close to being right it scares me. I collected up some items I have had around for awhile and going to donate them to use for the next project. It's not much but it will start it off so they will try to look around for found objects. I am excited about others looking at other object or trash or useless things becoming art. That kind of art is fun to me. I can't wait to see what comes out of the stuff.

I am going to finish this up by just letting it be known that 2008 is
going to probably be less exciting than 2007. But who knows what
2008 might bring.

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