Monday, December 1, 2008

Listen to your own voice

I went and bought a voice recorder. You are probably asking why. I asked myself the same thing. I cringe to the sound of my own voice actually. It can be almost unbearable. To me at least. What is with that?
Well I wanted to record my thoughts in my car while driving. I tend to have some of the most inspiring and brilliant ideas that come to mind when I am driving. Why is that? I wish I knew. Just traveling around and listening to the radio or even when it is silent I have ideas popping into my head, and I never have a pen and paper at my disposal. So I thought why not get a voice recorder. I got one of those digital voice recorders, so I wouldn't need to replace and keep buying tapes. But I wonder if I am going to be unhesitant when I grab it and start talking. I don't like hearing my voice really. I feel very uncomfortable when I do. I am hoping this form of stage fright will be overcome over time though.
This isn't so much about information. It's more about remembering at the spare of the moment and taking notes. I know there has to be others that do such. Journalist, can you back me up on this?
Well I am not a journalist. But I am into practice. So how are you with your voice? I think I might ask a few friends.

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