Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am about done with the pieces I am working on for the art show coming up July the 26th. I just finished another piece that is made of collage and pieces of scraps and a cassette tape and things found or old stuff my mom had lying around with no home. Now this stuff that was once lost can be found in my art. I was thinking about what this art form can mean to me and to the audience that looks at them. An assemblage of nostalgia is what I am thinking what this is. Things left in the corners, the closet, the attic that we all forget about. Things that just haven't had no place for them, that end up being thrown out. I like the idea of gathering this trinkets and displaying them in an organized manner and then framing them, so others can experience them again. It's like going to your very own museum. It's quit refreshing to look and remember what was once forgotten, to find you can make some kind of relic out of it.
I hope others will see it that way.

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