Sunday, December 20, 2009

Great People for the Holiday's

I had a wonderful weekend full of making new friends and learning about people in the area. More and more I am finding that I am getting more encouragement and awareness that I should difanetely be prosuing my art as a career.
I kept thinking about this a lot today actually. I really have had trouble seeing myself being a professional illustrator/artist. Or just living on making art and doing it 8 hours a day. I do draw a lot. And I mean a lot. But normally the things I draw are my own self entertainment. With a lot of the new exposure I am witnessing and talking to a lot of artist in different mediums and ranges I am slowly getting to the point where I can see myself just living on my art.
However it is very tough for me to really see that happening. I think it's just hard because it's been a hobby for a very very long time. I am just use to it being what I want and the big change is, to making something for what someone else wants.
Several discussions with people I met over this weekend have been about them seeing what I make and what potential I have if I try doing this and that. Like one person brought up from a workshop that my art would look really cool as sculptures. Which is more Jenn's area. But I do like making 3D art. Like I studied 3D modeling at AIP and some of my art does have a three dimensional look. So it might be worth trying to sculpt my characters or different things I draw. So it might doing a little fiddling playing around with such art.
I am defiantly hungry for being more involved in entertainment media. Yeah, I know that can mean almost anything. Potentially I am thinking games. Like, video games, card games, interactive, etc. So I will need to make examples of work to show I have the skills for these.
I have to make it happen. Soon.
I believe it is going to happen.
It will happen :)

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Anonymous said...

HI Brennan- you can do it, you are very talented. There are other ways of selling art as well where you create what you want then try to sell it as-is to companies which is licensing. Companies rent images for use on products, as fake tattoos, on plates, tshirts, shower curtains, sheets etc etc. Then of course theres also the gallery side and you can also license fine art to places that sell prints. Christina has done some licensing so she may be a good person to talk to about it if you have questions. I have a very basic knowledge of it but haven't actually dont i myself. if you need any advice just let me know, it sure seems like you enjoy drawing enough to do it full time! And also, most artists I know, especially ones who don't work for one employer, make a living from doing a combination of schemes like that- licensing, fine art, design for others, and anything else you can get going.