Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ice Cream Daydream Mural Downtown

Photo from Enquirer- Artworks

Went yesterday downtown to 12th Street to check out the revealing of the new mural directed by Amanda Checco with Artworks. I have to say that his is now my favorite of the murals. I just love the colors and playfulness of this one the most. It's a nice colorful trippy giant illustration with fun animals, ice cream treats, jewelry with like a vector style to it.. There is over a dozen murals in the downtown area. Most of them in the Over-the-Rhine district. I think it would be just fun to take a group to just walk around to each of the murals as part of an art walk. I will have to send that out to see if anyone is interested. There is a map on the Artwork website as well.
So, if anyone is interested in doing that, hit me up then.
Otherwise, if you are downtown I really recommend you stop by this one.
It's located at 33 E. 12th Street right to the side of the Eden Floral Boutique at the parking lot.

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Lauren Rasmussen said...

a mural art walk sounds so fun!! does Artworks do murals pretty often?... I'll have to go look it up :)