Friday, October 3, 2008

praise, rewards, exploited, and medals

I am very conflicted with something. Something that has been bothering for quit some time. For I constantly wonder if I am suppose to socialize and gloat about the good things I do.I just wonder should I tell people, post, announce, and put it on my chest. Am I ? Or Should I? If I am suppose too, then I want to know why I am suppose to tell everyone. I want to know why people should know about what I am doing for a cause of something everyone should be doing. When if they aren’t already doing it what does it prove and not for everyone that isn’t doing it.

Here is another question. Do we need a medal or recognition for something everyone should do or have already done?
Do I shout out the good I have done? Ask for a banner? A tee shirt? What does this do? Does it provide anymore to the good cause, the greater good? Or is it just for me or for the person who does annonce it? Do you deserve or I deserve such praise for something that we can all do?

I believe we should just do it and not say it. Pride doesn’t give to them, it only gives to yourself. So why am I posting this? Because you shouldn’t be reading this for trying to see what I am doing but what your not doing.
Shout not your name, not your glory, not your praise not your recognition, not your reputation.
Lose yourself

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