Sunday, April 26, 2009

If you want to live..

Then the arm and hand reaches down and lifts you off the ground.

That's the scene people probably envision when it comes to that leap of faith. People want to have people reaching for them. Not all, but a gesture coming forward to let a person know that there is help here for them.
There are lot of people on the streets that are ignored that live a life style of terminal illness and a life style of a family background of abuse. For people who have lived such a way, you don't see the harm and hurt they have gone through, and you will NEVER truly understand because you didn't live that way. You want to believe you know, but it is quit simply you don't. No one ask for such a way to live. I lived such a life of seeing life being destructive, unloving, abusive, and fearful. I didn't ask for that. It's not the worse way to live either I suppose. I had shoes on my feet, clothes, water and food provided. So I didn't live like the man downtown. But I lived with a broken family like hundreds if not thousands of American living. Which shouldn't no longer be boxed in with just as an American living. After finding our culture has a lot of luxury than a lot of other countries.

Some, not all are called to be servants. Not all are called or made known that is what your purpose is in life. Even the same, you might not ask for it. I don't remember 10 years ago thinking I would be serving people. I don't remember praying to God I want to serve. I asked for new car, a wife and kids. I prayed for those kind of things, but what God called me to do was to serve. I believe it to be my true calling to help and listen to people who have stories to tell and feelings to share. I think for the rest of my life I will only praying help me to guide and help me to listen to the people God decides walks into me. Because it's clear to me this is what I am here for.

Thank you Lord for what you have bestowed upon me.

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