Sunday, April 5, 2009


These past few days I have been sick with sinus/allergy issues. Cincinnati is known for its allergy climate. "Only in Cincinnati" has been the quote for the past few days as well, from 3 different sources I heard say that. Funny.
Yeah, it does seem like Cincinnati tends to be the place where it's freezer coats one day, then shorts and tank top season the next day. "Only in Cincinnati".
I still managed to a few somethings while I had a pleasant mild resistant time to allergies for about 12 hours, but now I am back to yuck. It really is a strain on my productivity to make art and get my brain in the right places.
Tea, tea and more tea is my solution to counteracting the drainage.
Tomorrow I am hoping to look around and read at some cafes around Cincy. The rain and chillness might damper my hopes though. I am looking around for art opportunities again. If anyone has any ideas to share or something, please share with me.
I think I need to clean my apartment this week, all this dust might be is what is keeping me sick longer than I am use too. So that is something I need to tend too. Plus I like rearranging my own stuff.
I wonder if heaven has dust.

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